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RDS PRO is a fitness training, sports conditioning and nutrition company based in London (UK).


RDS-PRO was founded by Raheem Glistens in July 2007.


RDS-PRO Fitness is the result of Raheems vision to create a bespoke Personal Training module that is tweaked and focused to work around a client’s lifestyle!

The ethos of RDS-PRO Fitness is ‘Fitness should be challenging but ultimately fun, so you’ll never have a routine/regime workout with RDS-PRO Fitness. We give our clients the opportunity to train like elite athletes and provide them with the knowledge they need to not only challenge but also change their lives forever!


Our total approach to fitness and nutrition is about educating you in all aspects of your fitness and nutrition. How to fuel your body in the right way by recommending and providing healthy snacking alternatives, whilst monitoring your progress, and helping you change your mindset and coming out of your standard routine.


We pride ourselves on results and will not accept failure. We give you all the skills to increase your mental strength to unleash the inner athlete in you!

We Specialise In
Calisthenic (bodyweight), core stability, suspension and plyometric training approaches. Targeting fat burning and muscular strengthening!

We Apply
A variety of high intensity (HIIT) methods that are fun, innovative and drift away from conventional workouts!

We Encourage
Health and nutritional advice that aligns with the intensity of your training!

Challenging and exciting workouts that will always give you the best physical adaptations and results!





For all Personal Training pricing enquiries, please contact info@rds-pro.com or

+44(0)7880 771778 to ensure a personal training package is created and tailored directly to you.

**(We also offer a six month and one year package with additional savings. Please feel free to get in touch so we can tailor a package to you).



If you are self motivated but convenience is an issue, maybe you would like to take advantage of our online personal training services, we offer a special rate of £59.99 per month or £149.99 per quarter (3 months) for all your training, nutrition and fitness goals.

*Please note that a session runs for 60mins. however unlike a lot of fitness instructors and personal trainers, with us if the school bell rings, we continue until we have completed our session. There are no run on rates or ending before the session is completed with RDS-PRO.



Should you wish for any bespoke training not listed above, including:

Classes tailored for you and a partner or friends (4 max)

Early morning running partner.

Marathon Training.

Triathlon Training.

Strongman & Tough Mudder Training.

Boxing Training.

Pre & Post Season Training.

Or anything else…


(contact us for a FREE, no obligation friendly consultation).



The perfect pre or post-workout snack and a great source of energy wherever you are, RDS-PROTEIN Balls fuel the body and promote muscle growth and repair. With three mouthwatering signature flavours, they’re clean, nutritious and will satisfy any sweet tooth.


As an esteemed personal trainer with a line up of high profile clients, Raheem Glistens grew tired of watching his clients purchase mass-produced bars and shakes packed full of artificial additives and sugar. Determined to prove that clean eating shouldn’t be associated with deprivation, he set about creating a delicious, energy-boosting treat using only raw, natural ingredients.

“As a personal trainer, I have an enormous responsibility with each and every one of my clients. Following a productive training session, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “what should I eat now?”. I can now recommend RDS-PROTEIN Balls, knowing that they’re as tasty as they are nutritious, and that’s something I’m very proud of”


Along with professional athletes, award-winning artists, actors and editors, RDS-PROTEIN has teamed up with BodyWorksWest, SK Hair & Beauty and Powervibe Fitness Studio to ensure RDS-PROTEIN Balls available near you.